About Literature and Transformation

This blog began back in 2011 because I was teaching a course I entitled “Literature and Transformation” at University of Michigan.  We read some Washington Irving, Julio Cortazar, Haruki Murakami, Karen Russell–worlds collided, tigers ran through houses, authors jumped out of paintings–all to help us see and experience the world differently.

Just a month after I started this blog, my husband unexpectedly passed away (he was only 41). Since then, this blog has evolved into a hybrid thing that collects some ideas about teaching, my own writing, and my life. I am interested in the ways these things resonate and are impossible for me to separate. In these past few years I have been working to live in the present moment which is a strange, sometimes heartwrenching, but always magical place. It is a place that includes my writing life, my teaching, and my relationship with my son.

Yours in transformation,




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